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You know that feeling you get when you're so happy that it feels like you're floating on air? It's like you're walking on clouds and everything is perfect - weightless bliss.

GRAVITY delivers that feeling of weightless bliss - physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Step into our digital realm of perceptual vastness. Defy the limits of your physical reality in our mind-bending world of love and latitude. Community and involvement pulls souls together to something larger than oneself.

The feeling of awe is said to expand time and enhance well-being. It’s "an experience of such perceptual vastness you literally have to reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it," as Jason Silva puts it.

GRAVITY at night is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Our family works hard to create an inclusive environment that is literally out of this world using UV materials and engineered awesomeness.


“I bike in as the meeting starts… and I find the whole camp together for the first and only time. Aurora [our 8 year old camp leader] is on stage with her unicorn horns thanking everyone. Seeing someone a quarter of my age feeling the same as me, inspiring me, was a special moment. .”

Michelle Misha H (aka ‘Dusty Bunny’)

“Gravity is about letting loose of the that which you hold so that the unforeseen forces and energy can take your mind and spirit….all while living life up with amazing new friends!!!.”

Steve Santiago (aka ‘Mr. FancyPants’)

“Gravity = family. Joining the camp is like signing up for an amazing, fun, and (like all families) a bit dysfunctional family.”

Yana Menikhes (aka ‘Catness Meowski’)

“Home. A safe, caring and fucking fun abode that allows you to learn about yourself, your family and explore the brink of the stratosphere. ”

Hayley Wickins (aka ‘Snails’)

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Within this document you will find the information you need to prepare yourself for all things Gravity on the playa. Get excited!