Kitchen / Meals

Our kitchen has grown over the years and has expanded to such a great space. We have a freaking pizza oven!! You are also welcome to cook your own food at any time you want.

How does it work?

Each one of you will get 5 frozen meals for the burn week. The meals will be pre-cooked by the kitchen committee and put in ziplock bags. At the burn we will have a microwave and pots with boiling water so you can heat up and enjoy your meal WHENEVER you want and eat with WHOEVER you want, WHEREVER you want. Note that we will have no control over which meals get eaten first or how many each person is taking, so please be mindful. The most desired meals (hello, Shepard's pie) do tend to go first.

Bring your own utensils

Gravity does not provide dishes, cups or silverware. We recommend every self-reliant member of Gravity should bring a cup to or two, a bowl, a plate and basic silverware. Please label your things with your name and keep it clean or it can end up in the shame bucket with all the other dirty dishes. You are responsible for your utensils at all times (More on that on orientation)

Personal food

Our kitchen is great but small and it's a communal space so please keep your personal food/snacks and drinks in your tent and plan to bring your own cooler if you want things cold. You will be able to buy ice on Playa. Our freezers are for the Gravity community meals only.

When it's closer to the burn we will send you recommendations of some food and snacks you can bring if you're feeling a bit uninspired.

Family meals

We will also have a couple of meals that we will cook on Playa and if you're around you will be able to join those family meals. We will tell you what and when we will be having these meals a little closer to the burn. These meals are first come first serve, if you're not on camp we don't save food for you (but most often than not we will have left overs for a few hours so you may get lucky)

What meals are we having this year?

And the winners for the 2022 Gravity BM are:

Shepard's Pie (with Beef)

Chicken Burrito Bowl

Pasta Pesto with Peas


Jambalaya with Sausage

Vegan Chili