Camp members Bike Share Program

What is the bike share program?

The Bike share Program is intended for those camp mates for whom it would be too difficult or costly to buy/transport their own bike to the playa & do maintenance and storage until the next burn.

Every year we have collected donated bikes and then fixed them up throughout the year so that they are greased and ready for the playa. This is no easy task - Playa dust is very hard on these poor bikes.

Bike share program includes

  • A working, well-maintained bicycle

  • Delivery to and from the Playa

  • Storage of said bike for the rest of the year until the next burn

  • Priority (but not guarantee) during bike selection for the next burn year

  • Maintenance of the bike after the burn

  • Use of combo bike lock at the burn

  • A pool of free accessories: baskets, lights, kick-stand-tennis-balls, décor items, bells, etc

Refundable Security Deposit Return Conditions:

  • Loss of bike = loss of security refundable deposit. Please lock your bike both on-playa and in-camp!

  • Damage to the bike will affect the deposit and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Damage to routine maintenance items (tires, brakes, bearings, chain, etc.) will not affect the deposit return - consumable parts are included in the "rental".

  • Combo bike locks: if you lose the combo lock, or reset its code from the default we set and can not remember it, and this results in us having to cut off the lock, only half of the deposit will be refunded.

  • Bike return must be processed by one of the bike program leads before you leave the burn.

  • All lights and decor must be sufficiently removed from the maintenance areas (chain, wheel hubs, brakes, pedals) before returning the bike. Having excessive decor that impedes maintenance will affect deposit return.

Other General Conditions:

  • Please understand that these are “burner bikes”, meaning they will have dings, scratches, old decor items, paint, and in a few cases, some minor features removed/disabled (ex: not all gears may work, only 1 of 2 breaks is working, etc.). They will however, have core functionality: they will pedal, break and turn without issues.

  • Bringing your own bike and storing it with Gravity: we will consider adopting your personal bike into the shared program based on our need & available storage space. If we accept your bike, the bike becomes property of the camp.

  • If you have issues with the bike at the burn, please find one of the bike leads, and we will help resolve them, or provide you with an alternate bike, if need be.

  • If you would like to volunteer and help fix bikes, talk to the leads (Jared & Oliver) - we will gladly train you how to help yourself and others!