The Gravity Bar

Have a serving shift? Make sure to read this!

Break all the rules you want at Burning Man, but make sure not to break any laws when serving at The Gravity Bar! Here is a summary of Nevada laws on underage drinking:

  • It is a misdemeanor to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 years old in Nevada. The law still applies if the alcohol is gifted as opposed to sold. Local law enforcement has taken the position that theme camps are public spaces and subject to enforcement of this law. This means that if someone appears to be underage, you must check their ID before serving them.

  • It is a misdemeanor for minors to consume or possess alcoholic beverages in a public space (e.g., theme camps, open playa, Center Camp, etc). (NRS 202.020)

  • It is a misdemeanor for minors to pass themselves off as being of age. (NRS 202.040)

  • Misdemeanors carry the following penalties: Up to 6 months in county jail, and/or a fine up to $1,000. Community service may be ordered in lieu of, or in conjunction with, jail time and/or fines. (NRS 176.087)

So what can you do to help keep minors safe, avoid being cited, and if cited, demonstrate your efforts to prevent serving minors at your bar on the playa?

  1. Don't serve alcohol to anyone who appears underage without checking their ID first.

  2. Ask for ID from anyone who appears underage. Learn to read an ID properly and determine by the date of birth if the person is at least 21.

  3. Post "No Minors Allowed - No Minors Served" signs to discourage minors from committing a misdemeanor by possessing, requesting, or consuming alcohol at your bar.

  4. Do not allow minors to loiter at your bar: ask them to leave.

  5. Confer with a co-server -- get a second opinion -- when a patron appears "youthfully" over 21.

  6. Work together - if you have refused to serve a patron because they do not appear to be of legal age, notify all your bar servers of your decision.

  7. Burning Man cannot give you legal advice; please consult with your attorney if you have questions about your camp.

Bottom line: NEVER knowingly serve alcohol to a minor! It's illegal and it's not cool.

FINAL NOTE: If you find yourself in an unfortunate encounter with law enforcement relating to your bar service, please be sure to note which agency you are dealing with (BLM/federal or Pershing County/state) and get a badge number and/or name. It might come in handy.