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Placement of Gravity Camp year 2022:

9:15 and i

The gravity Story

Chapter 1: 2014, The Beginning

A small group of 25 ambitious burners split off from established camps to celebrate the chemistry between them and realized their vision to create a home of their own.

The main contribution that the camp brought to the playa was a Bouncy Castle and the camp was named “Gravity”, for the thing that it attempted to defy. Little did they know, you cannot defy Gravity!

Chapter 2: 2015, The Gravitational Mass

The camp almost doubled in size to 46! The bouncy castle was sold and 3 beautiful love pods were built to symbolize the hearts and spirit of the camp, which spoke true of what they brought to the playa. It became the center of mass that would define it in years to come.

Chapter 3: 2016, The Gravitational Force

Gravity grew to a whopping 70 in membership with a strong base in SF, Montreal, and random places around the world. It became a melting pot of backgrounds that, like the force of gravity, naturally sucked in amazing leaders, BM virgins, and burners in search of an authentic BM experience. It was now clear that organically, the camp inadvertently became a force true to their name.

Chapter 4: 2017, The Glowing Sun

After establishing it’s foundation, Gravity settled into place with a vibrant membership, upgrades to the camp, and beautiful decor. The love pods encapsulated a dance floor glowing with their lights and lasers, a kick ass sound system, a DJ booth, and a top notch bar with the playa’s best cocktails! Each member contributed so much in a very special way, that gave the camp a name on the playa and an unforgettable experience for all.

Chapter 5: 2018, Gravitational Flow

Cohesion, Simplicity, and Investment in the next generation of Gravitons. We know who we are and what we are about. We harnessed all of the things we are good at and brought clarity and focus to solidifying our best practices for the longevity and prosperity of the camp. We made major upgrades to our shade structure, stage, and expanded our lounge area.

Chapter 6: 2019, Quantum Gravitational Forest

Like a Neutron Star, Gravity pulls its mass in to making its size smaller while itself getting stronger. We harnessed all the leaders that we developed over the years to produce more participation and focus on quality without stress. We built a new bar and brought the Quantum Forest, a projection mapping project to our stage.

Chapter 7: 2021, Renegade Burn

In a beautiful exhibition of dedication to the true spirit of Burning Man, Gravity radically participated in the Renegade Burn of 2021! Despite not having the support of all our usual members and without access to the majority of our infrastructure, the core SF crew (and some awesome new members) pulled through and kept the dream alive. We were all there in spirit!