Every year, Gravity is working towards a camp that is more sustainable.

Sustainability Efforts

  • We have an array of generators and we specifically use only the power necessary at at given time

  • We ride share as much as possible.

  • We utilize the BM Container program to reduce the camp supplies that we need to transport

  • We will be using solar power for some lamps, shower heating, and other small rechargeable electronics


Water is LIFE at Burning man. I honestly cannot stress enough how important water is. This year, each campmate will have access to a certain amount of water. Our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic bottles/containers on the playa, and on the planet. For the first time in Gravity history, our camp will be purchasing a LARGE amount of potable water for our campers to use. Each camper can bring a reusable collapsible container to consume camp wide * * water, and will be asked to bring a couple gallons of their own water to supplement their week at Burning Man. More details on the amount provided by the camp vs what you are expected to bring will be announced closer to the Burn.


One of our camp’s main focuses is to recycle to reduce our carbon footprint. If not being in a camp, having to keep your trash all week would definitely not be fun. Our camp pays for a service to get our trash taken away several times during the week. This keeps the Playa clean and Burning Man Org happy!

An Intro to Leaving No Trace!