On The Playa

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Build & Breakdown

All Gravity members must participate in building, maintaining and breaking down our community. Lucky for you, we've made it easy to identify how to help and when to help!

Gravity Layout

2019 Camp Layout - TBD

Kitchen Plan

Setting Your Tent

While we have a good amount of shade area, we want to make sure that everyone who’s camping has a comfortable spot to sleep under the shade. As such, it is imperative that we uphold the following rules:

  1. You can pitch your sleeping tent under the shade;
  2. Any additional “changing” tents will not be permitted to be pitched under the shaded area before we ensure that everyone has an equitable spot under the shade;

On Tuesday, we review the allocation shaded area, and you will have an opportunity to move your additional tent under the shade, space permitting.


...is short for don't be a dick and throw your trash on the ground!

MOOP Shift Checklist

An Intro to Leaving No Trace!