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For those of you that are assigned to working on something for a committee, here are explanations on our expense reimbursement process so you can get paid back for any purchases made on behalf of Gravity.

  1. Any expenses must FIRST be approved by the Gravity Lead that is in charge of the committee. This is super important since they are in charge of that budget, and we do not reimburse for anything spent over that budget amount. So unless you are ok with spending you own money, talk to them first!
  2. In order to make sure we are monitoring our budget regularly to prevent overspending and to make sure each of you gets paid back in a timely manner, all expenses must be submitted for reimbursement within 30 days of the date of your receipt. If the expense is not submitted within 30 days, the member will be responsible for that expense. We've had problems in the past with thinking we had budget left, and then expense requests came flooding in after the burn which put us in a difficult situation.

Summary/Steps you will need to take to get the reimbursement:

    1. Spending must be approved by the Gravity Lead in charge of your committee.
    2. Fill out the 2018 Gravity Expense Template with each expense line item. This is what you will submit for reimbursement, so please fill out every column.
    3. Gravity members have great integrity, so we are not asking you to send your receipts in this year. However, please keep copies until after the burn and/or after you have been reimbursed in case there are any questions.
    4. Submit the 2018 Gravity Expense Template to your approving Gravity Lead. We will only accept the forms from the leads themselves to ensure they are approved.
    5. Expense reimbursement requests must be received within 30 days of the receipt to be eligible for reimbursement.